On a warm afternoon in the summer of 2019, I walk out of the building where I’m working in a cubicle.

A few of the cubicles have video monitors.

The windows of one are open, and I can see the sun setting behind it.

There’s a sound of traffic as cars pull up, and a man in a dark coat pulls out a black smartphone to take a video of the scene.

He shows it to the group of interns who are working on the floor.

The group watches as the man takes a few pictures of himself in the window, then the video cuts to black.

There are no cameras at the office.

“We don’t want any kind of intrusion,” one of the interns says.

“The security cameras would make it difficult to do any work.”

As the sun sets, I step into the cubicle’s living room and step inside, where a man with a beard is sitting in front of a video monitor.

He’s holding the phone up to his face, and there’s a photo of me on the screen.

“I’m the guy who took that picture,” the man says.

I look at the camera, and the photo of my face is a blurry mess.

The photo of the man’s face is much clearer.

The man is wearing an old white T-shirt and jeans, and his hair is long.

His eyes are closed, and he’s smiling, though he’s not smiling very hard.

The image on the video is of me sitting on the couch with a friend, sitting on my right side.

There is a phone on my left hip.

The phone is connected to a large monitor, which shows a photo from my Facebook page, a photo that is from a year ago, and one from a few years ago.

My photo is from January 2018.

There aren’t many photos on my Facebook, and most of my photos are of myself at the gym.

I take a couple of photos of myself, then turn the camera off.

I see nothing from my friend’s Facebook page.

Then I see my friend on the phone with a man, who is holding the camera on his left hip and smiling.

The picture is blurry, and it’s hard to make out the faces.

My friend looks very relaxed, and my friend is wearing a black T-shirts and jeans.

The camera cuts off abruptly.

It’s not the first time this has happened.

A couple of years ago, I went to a movie with my friend, who was also wearing a T- shirt and jeans and had a big smile on his face.

It was the first movie I’d seen where a guy was sitting in a chair, smiling, and looking at the screen at the same time.

The guy on the other side was wearing a dark jacket with a dark hoodie, and was looking at his phone.

“It was like a weird dream,” I said to my friend.

“That was really weird.

I think it’s probably because of the stress that I was feeling, and because I had to be so focused on the camera that I wasn’t taking any photos at all.”

It was hard to believe that it had happened to me.

But it did.

I was going through a bad breakup with my boyfriend.

I had just broken up with him, and our relationship had been really difficult for a long time.

I started taking pictures of myself in my apartment, and then I started posting them to my Facebook.

My Facebook pictures were a lot more interesting than my real-life photos.

I thought I was a good photographer, I thought my photos were interesting, I had good friends, and people liked my pictures.

But people didn’t like me for my photos, and some people didn to me for them.

One day, when I was taking a selfie, I noticed something strange: I was wearing the same shirt and the same jeans as the other person in the picture.

I didn’t look like I was the same person in those pictures.

My face was the exact same.

That made me think that my photos had been taken by someone else, and that I had been tricked into taking a picture that I thought was mine.

I immediately called the police.

But the police didn’t believe me.

They didn’t think I was telling the truth.

I went back to the police and told them that I didn.

I told them my story, but they didn’t want to believe me, so they just asked me to wait.

The next day, I got another phone call from the police, and they told me that I would be charged with trespass, and asked me what kind of photo I was looking for.

I asked if it was a photo I took years ago or a photo my friend took in July, which I thought might have been the photo I had posted to Facebook.

“No,” I was told.

“You were looking for a picture from the beginning.”

The police told me to get a lawyer and wait for the charges to be brought

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