The world of digital photography may have changed radically since the advent of digital cameras in the 1970s, but one of the main changes has been the shift from film to digital cameras.

While Kodak has long been the go-to brand for film cameras, it also has been expanding its offerings with the introduction of digital-only cameras. 

“It is now a pretty common thing to buy a digital camera,” said Jon R. Dennison, Kodak’s director of marketing and public relations.

“It has been a big thing.

And people have become really comfortable with digital cameras.” 

What do digital cameras cost?

Digital cameras have gone through a few iterations over the years.

Kodak introduced a full-frame camera in 1998 and then added a few lenses in the early 2000s.

The current crop of cameras, however, includes a variety of models from compact to full-size.

Each camera comes with a variety (including a 35mm and 70mm) of lenses, sensors, and batteries. 

Why buy one?

The biggest reason to get a digital-camera is that it’s cheaper than buying film, but it also allows for a wide array of lenses. 

What is a film camera?

A film camera is essentially a photographic negative that has been scanned into a digital format, allowing the photographer to save prints on a computer.

The camera itself can store up to 2.5 gigabytes of data, or the equivalent of about 4,000 photographs.

A digital-image capture card, also called a flash memory card, is used to store the images. 

Can I buy a camera that comes with its own lens?


A camera can be purchased separately. 

How do I buy my own digital camera? 

Kodak sells several different versions of its digital cameras, including a full frame, 35mm, and 70-mm, as well as a smaller compact.

It sells a few models in the $100-per-camera range, while a smaller, more affordable option is the $80-$90 digital camera. 

Where do digital-images capture cards come from? 

The majority of the images in a digital image capture card come from a camera.

These cameras are often built using inexpensive components, like inexpensive flash memory cards and flash memory, or they come with inexpensive components like batteries and a camera software that stores the images, such as Adobe Lightroom. 

Does the Kodak digital-film camera come with a lens?


The Kodak Digital-film Camera comes with an array of lens options, including an ultra-wide angle lens and an ultralong telephoto lens. 

Do I need a computer to use a digital Kodak camera?

Yes, you do.

In order to use the camera, you need to download a software application from the Kodacomputer.

The software can be downloaded here. 

Is the Kodaks digital-photography camera waterproof?


Can a digital Camera be used in an airplane?

Yes and no. 

If a camera is used in a plane, you can still take photos with it.

However, there are certain precautions that need to be taken, such the lens needs to be at least 70mm wide, and the image sensor needs to have a sensor size of at least 6 megapixels. 

The Kodak Camera also comes with two additional features that allow you to take pictures of objects and scenes with the camera.

For example, you could use the Kodas digital-capture card to take a picture of a house, a tree, a building, or a wall. 

Will the Kodashaps digital-filmmaker camera be able to handle my home theater system?

Yes…but you’ll need to install a special cable system. 

In the video below, you’ll see what it takes to set up your Kodashap camera system.

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