Apple has released the new AppleTV 4K model, an all-new streaming device with 4K resolution that can also play the Apple Music and Siri-based Apple Music Radio apps.

The new AppleStream 4K offers a 5.1-inch 1080p display, a faster processor and faster RAM than the previous AppleTV model, and a wireless camera sensor.

The device is priced at $329, and will be available in the U.S. in late April.

The company also announced the AppleMusic app, which is a new app for Apple devices that lets users stream music from Apple Music.

The app will be integrated into the Apple TV, which also includes Siri integration for the Siri remote control.

Apple is making a push to become a player in the streaming market, and the new 4K AppleTV models will help make that happen.

Apple has released several AppleTVs in the past, including a 4K version of the TV in 2012.

The 4K models in the new line have a much higher resolution than the 1080p AppleTV, and are much more powerful than the 4K iPhone 5S models, which were introduced in late 2015.

The larger AppleTV 5K model in 2016 was the first 4K television to be offered with HDR, a new display technology that allows the color spectrum to be enhanced and can provide more colors in a color gamut.

The new Apple Stream 4K features a new chip for processing high-resolution video, including for 4K content, and it includes a new Siri remote that is integrated into both the AppleTV remote and the Siri app.

The Siri remote can now play the new Music and Music Radio app on AppleTV.

Apple is also offering an enhanced version of Siri that includes Siri-compatible voice commands.

The Siri remote will also be integrated in the Siri-powered Apple TV remote and Siri remote app.

Siri-aware features include music-playing suggestions, and Apple has added the ability to play songs from the new iPhone app on both the new streaming and wireless AppleTV devices.

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