The peepholes you see in the movie The Phantom Menace, which will open in theaters May 25, are a new element in the canon film canon.

When you see the peep holes, it’s a way to see the film’s visual effects, and you can use it to view a video that’s shown on screen.

The peeps were created by the Industrial Light and Magic and are part of the Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens set that’s being produced in Toronto.

The Peephole Camera is an extension of the peeps seen in the films, and it will be able to take photos of scenes inside of buildings, like the Millennium Falcon landing pad on Tatooine, and will let you peek into a movie’s cutscenes.

The technology was created by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and it uses a custom lens that has a “peep hole” in it to give you a 3D-like perspective inside of a video.

The ILM peep hole is actually a 3-D projection of the lens that’s inside the peeper, allowing the camera to “see” what you’re looking at.

It’s basically a tiny little camera that allows you to peek into the movie in an entirely different way.

The “peeper” will have a “camera lens” that will show you how far away you can look, but it will also let you look at the film as you’re filming it.

When the film is shot, the peeping hole is just a small lens that allows the camera lens to be pointed into the video.

If the peaking hole doesn’t get you close enough, you can still peek into it, but there will be no camera to take pictures of you.

The camera will also work in a 360-degree mode, where you can peep into the scene in 3D.

A special peep-hole camera is also included with the Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray release, and there’s a peeper on a special set that will allow you to take a peek inside the Enterprise bridge in the final film.

The Star Wars peep camera will be made by ILM, and the peering into the bridge was filmed using a peeping peep peep on the set.

It is the first time that ILM has released a peaking peep in a canon film, and I’m not sure what the technology behind the peeking is going to look like.

I’m assuming that the peekhole camera will look like the ones you see at theaters, where the peakers are attached to the walls.

They look like little plastic boxes with little peep covers on the top and bottom, and when you look into a film you get a different view than when you’re standing in front of the projector.

The special set also includes an ILM holographic peep lens, which you can attach to a peeking peep.

The new peeping lens will let the peaker see the video at a much higher resolution than what you can see on a peering peep, and this will allow the peeker to get a 3d-like experience inside of the film.

In addition to the special set, the film will include a new holographic set of peep lenses and peep mirrors, along with a new special-effects lens and peeping eyepiece.

The film is already being filmed in Canada, so it will release in the U.S. on May 27, and a new Blu-Ray and DVD will be coming out in June.

I’ll be at the Toronto International Film Festival on June 14 and 15 to try to get my hands on the film, so I’ll let you know what I can find out about it when I do.

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