When the new iPhones hit the shelves next week, Apple is introducing its own security camera feature.

Called the “indoor sensor” feature, it can be enabled by default when the iPhone 6 is connected to a network.

But you can disable the feature in the Settings app if you want to.

We’ve taken the time to show you how to do that.


Go to Settings > Privacy > Security > Location, then tap the “Disable” button.

This will take you to a screen that lets you disable the option.

You can disable it again later by tapping “Save changes.”


Go back to Settings and tap “Location.”

This will show you the “Indoor Sensor” option, which you can turn off by tapping the “Unlock” button in the top-right corner.


You’ll need to be on the network when you tap “Disable.”

You’ll then need to restart your iPhone, restart your network connection, and turn on the feature again.


Once the feature is disabled, your iPhone will be locked to the network and will not be able to connect to the Internet.

If you need to disable it later, tap the Settings icon in the bottom-right of the screen and tap the little “unlock” symbol.


You’re done!

Your iPhone will no longer be able, or not able to, connect to any Wi-Fi networks, but you won’t lose any data from that connection.

Your data will still be stored on your iPhone if you connect it to a different Wi-Fiber network later.

We hope this tutorial will help you understand the features of Apple’s security camera app, and we hope it will help other users with privacy concerns.

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