The iPhone is one of the best cameras out there, and while you can still shoot great photos using it, it can also get a bit boring if you don´t have the time to browse through the app store.

Here are a few tips for making your iPhone camera last longer.1.

Take photos with the iPhone Camera app, and make sure you don\’t accidentally erase a photoYou can easily erase your photos with a quick swipe, but you can do this by clicking the delete icon on the photo or pressing the delete key when you get to the home screen.2.

Don\’t forget to swipe to save your photoOnce you delete a photo, you can also save it as a photo album in the iPhone Photos app.

To do this, tap the photo in the gallery, then tap Save as.3.

Keep it simple when you delete photosWhen you delete your photos, just tap the delete button again and the photo will disappear.4.

Use the photo you just saved in the Photos app to make new photosThe photo you save in the app will only show up in the photos you take with the phone.

To use it later, just delete the photo and then open the Photos section of your app.5.

Keep your photos cleanThe Photos app doesn\’t have a great photo-taking app interface, so you can find a way to make photos look a bit cleaner and less cluttered by going into the Photos settings and tapping the Photo tab.6.

Keep things simpleWhen you edit a photo in Photos, you just tap a photo and swipe to add it to your album.

If you delete the album, you will need to delete your photo again.7.

Keep the photo cleanYou can swipe to delete a single photo or multiple photos, but if you delete multiple photos at once, you may not be able to delete all of them at once.8.

Save your photos as GIFsThe iPhone Photos album includes GIF files for your photos.

The best GIFs for your iPhone photos are usually the ones you save as GIF files, so it\’s best to save a GIF file and then copy it to the iPhone when you’re ready to use it.

If GIFs aren\’t working for you, check out our iPhone Photos guide.9.

Get the best quality iPhone camera for youThe best camera for your camera needs to be very small and easy to take a photo with.

The iPhone camera comes with a tiny 4MP sensor, so if you want a better camera, you need to be willing to pay more for it.

The cheapest camera on the market right now is the Sony A6000, which costs $499, and it only has a 1.3MP sensor.

But if you need a better image quality, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX600 comes out at $799.

If the Lumix is more expensive, you could use a more expensive camera that has a larger sensor.

To buy a better iPhone camera, check with your local camera store.

If there is a cheaper iPhone camera on sale, you should check it out and see if it is still available.

If you are interested in the best iPhone camera we reviewed, check our Best iPhone Cameras.

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