The new Canon D800E, the world’s first digital zoom lens, was announced last month and is a major update to Canon’s flagship camera lineup.

Canon announced the new lens back in March, promising a 20x zoom zoom and more than 40x magnification on its D800 series.

But it seems like a lot of the lens’ benefits will only be felt on the D800X, which is the flagship camera in Canon’s full line of digital zoom lenses.

The new Canon 5D Mark III, the company’s flagship digital zoom camera, uses a 16.1MP sensor with a 5MP front-facing camera.

However, unlike the D7100, the new 5DMark III doesn’t include a front-mounted rear-facing image sensor, nor does it support a zoom lens.

Instead, the Canon 5DS Mark III’s sensor is capable of capturing a 35mm-equivalent f/2.8 lens at a 35x zoom setting, and an 18.2MP f/1.8 front-focusing sensor.

This means the new camera’s sensor can produce an f/5.6 lens and a f/11 lens at the same focal length.

However if the sensor doesn’t support the lens, the lens will still be able to produce a similar 35mm lens, though not as wide, with a focal length of 21mm.

In addition to this, the sensor’s 5MP sensor has a wider field of view (FOV) than the D700.

This gives the camera a greater degree of flexibility in focusing distances, even though the sensor isn’t quite as wide as its predecessor.

However, it’s important to note that all of the new Canon cameras’ lenses will only work with Canon’s camera software, and will not work with Nikon or Canon’s own lenses.

This isn’t to say the cameras won’t work with other brands’ lenses, but Canon is only supporting the Canon lenses with the camera software it’s using.

This is important because Canon is planning to release the cameras with both the Canon EOS and EOS Rebel lenses, and it seems that the company will continue to support the Canon EF lenses with its new D800 cameras, as well.

The D800 lenses are compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLRs, and they’re capable of working with the Canon T3i, D800, and D800R models, which were announced last year.

However only the D600 and D7000 are compatible on the new cameras, and the new lenses only work on the Canon D7200, D7300, and DP series, which was announced back in January.

The Canon 5Ds Mark III will also support the D3100, D3200, and 3200E lenses.

The 5Dmark III is also compatible with the EOS-1Ds Mark II and the Eos-1D Mark II Pro, and there’s also a new sensor for the D5000, which will work with the D5100, DP5200, DP5000, and EF-S5 lenses.

This means the Canon Canon 5-D MarkIII is compatible with all Canon cameras that support a new zoom lens at least for now.

Canon also announced that the new Nikon 5D cameras will also use Canon’s lenses, though they won’t be compatible with their lenses until the new D810 and D810R models are released.

Canon has been rumored to be releasing its own DSLRs with the new zoom lenses, including the D500D, D5000D, and Epson E500D models, but it’s not clear if this will be a Canon or Nikon product yet.

The cameras that are compatible will be available from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others beginning in October.

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