A new type of police camera has just been launched in India.

The device, which is being marketed as the “Furbo” camera, is being developed by the country’s police and paramilitary forces, the Indian Army and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), according to a report in India’s Economic Times.

“The FUBO has been developed with the help of NDRF for use in disaster response,” a government official told the newspaper.

“The unit is designed to detect and respond to any emergency situation with high sensitivity, in addition to capturing the images and video.”

The device has been in testing since last year, and is being sold in limited numbers to Indian police forces.

The camera uses infrared and cameras to capture images and videos, and then sends them back to the Indian government, which in turn uses the images to build a digital map of the location.

It then feeds this information into software that can provide a range of different services, including the ability to identify missing persons and track movement of vehicles.

While the device is still being tested, the NDRFs own internal systems already allow it to be used in disaster relief operations, according to the Times. 

The system also allows for a quick and easy deployment of the device as a vehicle tracking system.

NDRFs chief Naveen Patnaik said the device can be used to track and track vehicles.

The camera’s capabilities are being tested by the NDF in the mountainous regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka, as well as the jungles of West Bengal.

A new breed?

Indian police forces and paramilitary groups have used police cameras to track criminals, and even in a pinch, to arrest suspected terrorists.

They also regularly monitor social media activity.

But unlike some of the devices that have already been on the market, the FUBo is intended to be a full-blown camera, and has been designed specifically for disaster relief and disaster relief response.

It will use infrared technology and video sensors to capture and send images back to India’s government, and it will be able to be programmed to provide the government with a range in services, from search and rescue to identification of missing persons, the Times reported.

The camera’s sensors can also be used for crowd control, and for crowd management, to gather information about the public.

It has been tested by police forces in the region of Kolkata, and will be used by the Indian army in the northeastern state of Assam, the paper said.

This is not the first time that India has used a police camera.

In the aftermath of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, Indian police officers captured video of two terrorists, who were later arrested, but the images were later released.

However, the new FUBoo device is more advanced than its predecessors.

It is able to capture videos from a distance of about 15 meters, and can record at high resolution and with high spatial resolution.

More importantly, it will have infrared sensors that can detect the infrared light emitted from a body, and also can identify people in a crowd.

It can also capture a video of the whole crowd, and analyze the motion captured in that video.

Development Is Supported By

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