A new book by acclaimed novelist Peter S. Beagle looks at the legacy of the TV series The Wire, and how the characters, the writing, and the characters’ charactership continue to resonate today. 

In addition to exploring the life and career of the characters that were in The Wire and its spin-off series The Jinx, Beagle offers insights into how the show’s legacy has impacted today’s society. 

Here’s what he has to say: In the early ’90s, the idea that we’d be able to tell a story without having a storyteller is one of the most exciting and most important things that’s happening in our world today.

And, of course, that’s something that’s been incredibly important to the way we make our television and the way that we have our television.

But as writers, we all have that idea that, for instance, we’d have a scene with a guy and his wife and we’d just say, “What if we just had this scene with them in their living room?”

And that’s kind of the way it was done in The Sopranos, with the characters in their bedrooms.

And that was cool and different and fun.

But that was one of those things that we couldn’t do on television.

It was just not possible, because there were a lot of people writing in the studio and editing, so we couldn. 

There were certain characters who were the best in the world, but there were certain others who were not as good as they could be, who were more dangerous, and we couldn, and that was just really, really depressing.

And then we couldn: you know, it’s like the show that everyone’s so excited about, and it’s so exciting and the ratings are going to go up.

And so, you know…

And then you’d think, you’d be so proud of your characters and all the things that they did, but you’re just so sad that it’s just not happening.

And you’re like, I’m really sorry.

You know, I think we’ve just gotten too old for this, we’re just getting too old.

And it’s not really about the characters anymore, it is about the society.

And if you don’t have that in your life, then what do you do with it? 

And that was really the first time, as a writer, I actually saw a character who was not necessarily the best person to be the hero of a story.

And I felt really bad about that, and I thought, Oh, my God, he’s so great.

I was like, What’s wrong with me?

So I started to think, What if we could have a story where the characters were the only people in this room and that they had to do everything themselves? 

I felt like that would be more honest, it would be like the story was about something that was real, and you were a part of it.

And the more I thought about it, I thought it was more real.

So I decided to write it.

I think I was just in the moment when I thought I could, because I was in the writers room, so I thought that was the best place to be. 

And I felt like it worked out so well, and in fact, it did.

It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve done. 

But the other thing that’s amazing is that we were all on the show for six years.

And we had a very different world, we had different relationships, we went through a lot, and people just loved the show, and they had such an intense love for the characters.

And they wanted to know, “How could you have such a love for these people?” 

It was a very weird time.

And a lot has changed since then. 

The Wire is so powerful and timeless. 

It’s not just a TV show, it has a long legacy of being a television show. 

I think there are some writers that go back to the beginning of time, and there are writers who go back, as far as I know, to the ’60s, and a lot have an incredibly long life ahead of them, but it’s an interesting time to be a writer. 

That said, I love the way the show has inspired and enriched people.

And there’s been writers that have been around forever and they’re all great writers, and some of them are not the best, but they’re still wonderful writers. 

If you don.t know who you are, there’s no reason to write about you, and if you have to write yourself, you should write yourself. 

When I started writing, I was thinking, This is a book about a show, I can’t go back in time.

I can just sit down and be a character in a story and then I’ll go back and change history. You

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