Canon’s dslRs are getting a big update today with a few new options.

The company has launched a new “Camera Upgrade Kit” that includes new Canon lenses, a new battery, and new accessories.

Canon also has a new version of the camera that is optimized for DSLRs that will be available for just $99.

That means the new Canon dSLRs will be more affordable than ever before.

The company has been shipping cameras for years, so it’s important to note that the new cameras will be priced competitively.

The Canon dS100, for example, will cost just $549, whereas the $899 Canon D90 and $999 Canon D70 will cost $1,699 and $1-1,999 respectively.

All of these new cameras are now available to purchase from Canon.

But the company also offers the “Upgrade Kit” with a bunch of accessories.

For instance, you can get a new Canon lens with a $1.99 charge.

You can also get an upgraded battery with the same price as the camera itself.

And if you’re really into photography, you’ll get a set of accessories like an interchangeable lens kit, a tripod mount, and a new camera body with a better LCD screen.

The “Upgrade kit” will be in stores this month, but the company has said it will be made available to the public by the end of March.

If you’re a Canon fan, this is a great time to buy the new dslrs, as the company is making some great updates.

It’s also a great opportunity to get some of these amazing new features.

The dslrds are great for taking pictures of people, but they’re great for capturing images of people and other things.

It is a camera that will go into the home as well as out into the world.

I’m sure Canon will continue to make updates to these cameras.

The Canon dD is a $1000 camera that comes with the new lens.

It costs $1 for the lens alone, and the new “Upgrade” kit with the lenses costs just $299.

That’s right, the “Kit” costs just as much as the “Lens” does.

It does have a lot of bells and whistles like WiFi, GPS, a flash, and an IR blaster for easy remote controls.

The new camera will also have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and it will also come with a “USB port for charging.”

The dD will also include an IR transmitter, so you can use the camera as a remote control for a drone.

If you’re not a Canon user, the camera has a lot more bells and whistle features as well.

The dD’s battery is going to cost $899.

It will also be available in black or white.

If Canon’s $1 price point sounds like it’s too steep, you should probably just skip this one.

But for a $999 camera that costs $999, you will be getting an incredible camera that really does have some pretty cool features.

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