Furlonga, a Vancouver real estate developer, says he’ll “go anywhere” if he doesn’t get his home back from the province of British Columbia.

Furlonga is one of thousands of B.C. residents whose homes have been foreclosed on and the province’s chief electoral officer has told people to prepare for the worst.FURLOGO CAMERA Furlongo’s first project, in the old city of Richmond, has been delayed indefinitely by the province after he sold it in 2016 for $2.5 million.

Fractured-earth construction in the heart of Richmond.

(CBC)Furlong is one the most prominent real estate developers in the country.

He has sold his three homes to investors, but in the meantime, he’s been scrambling to find new buyers for the property.

He says he has no idea where he will live for the time being, but has a few options.

“If I don’t get my home back in two years, I’m still in Richmond.

That’s where I have options,” said Furloo, who is now working on a new project with the city.

Fellow B.V. realtor J.

C MacPherson says if the province can’t provide a way to make his property viable, he could move to the country to find another home.

“I could probably get a job in Canada or Australia.

I’m sure I could find a good one,” he said.

MacPhersons father worked as a builder in the Richmond area before retiring in the mid-1980s.

He’s now an independent realtor.

The province has told developers and homebuilders that it needs to find a way for homebuyers to obtain mortgages and pay down their debts if they don’t own the land.

“The government is making it very clear to developers that they must get mortgage financing to ensure that their homes are affordable for everyone,” said MacPhersson.

Finance Minister Cameron Friesen says the province has provided $200 million to help homeowners with their mortgages.

But he also says the government has not been able to find the right solutions to the housing crisis in B.A. “The province is not ready to give a specific number on the number of homes that we need to provide, because we’re still working on it,” said Finance Minister Cameron MacPheson.

MacFriesen has promised to address the housing shortage if he wins the Oct. 19 election.

But the realtor says it’s likely the government will not be able to provide enough housing, or even a guarantee, to everyone who wants to live in B,C.

Frieden has said he is confident that a “balanced solution” will be found.

Macpherson says he is “very optimistic” about a solution to the shortage.

“You’ll never have a solution unless the government is willing to put in the effort,” he told CBC News.

“They need to work with the community.

They need to build up the housing stock.

And then they need to figure out what they can do to provide those services for people who have lost their homes.”

For now, Furloggs project with Vancouver’s city hall is stalled, but he hopes to work out a solution.

Development Is Supported By

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