The camera is now so popular with dogs, the Australian Government has begun recommending which one to buy and how much to invest in.

Here are the top cameras on the market and the pros and cons.

Pros Best for beginners Pros Low cost and low maintenance.

Small size and easy to pack and unpack.

High-quality video feed.

Cons Does not come with an audio recorder or microphone.

Can only record voice commands.

Does not work indoors or on balconies.

Video feed can be too loud for a dog to hear.

Camera for people who live in houses or apartments Pros Small size, high-quality feed and high-definition video.

Built-in microphone and microphone port.

High quality camera.

Can record voice command and can work outdoors.

Cons Not compatible with a variety of cameras.

Camera that can record voice calls will not record video calls.

Can be hard to find.

Camera is also noisy.

Best for people with disabilities Pros Good audio and video feeds, low-cost.

Small and compact.

Built in microphone.

Voice recognition.

Can also record voice messages.

Cons Low-quality sound recording.

Low quality video.

Low-resolution video feed, can be slow.

Can’t capture images with the camera.

Has no microphone or camera port.

Can not record voice.

Can hear voices.

Does need to be in a room for the video feed to work.

Best value for the money Pros Great audio and recording capabilities, low price.

Small camera and high quality video feed for a low price tag.

Can capture voice calls.

Built into a room to minimize noise.

Can stream video from the camera to your device.

Can connect to a variety, including smart phones and tablet computers.

Cons Cannot record voice, requires a speaker or speakerphone to record voice data.

Camera has no microphone port and needs a microphone to record audio data.

Can use voice recognition, which is not always reliable.

Can take images and video but not voice calls or videos.

Can send voice messages, which are not always trustworthy.

Can listen to voice messages from other users on the camera without using a phone.

Can log in to the camera remotely.

Can upload files to the cameras camera and camera server.

Can download images to the server and upload images to your camera.

Does require a network connection for upload.

Has a webcam.

Does only record video.

Doesnot record voice or video messages.

Can accept images without a video, can upload files without a photo, can use voice commands, but cannot read or write to files, can not use the microphone, cannot upload pictures, cannot view the camera in landscape or portrait mode.

Can play audio or video in stereo or monaural mode.

Camera can be used indoors and outdoors, but can not record in monaurent mode.

Does record voice communication.

Can transmit video, but does not transmit audio.

Can transfer files to or from the server without the need for a connection to a PC.

Does include an audio recording feature.

Can share files.

Does have a microphone, but the microphone cannot be turned off or muted.

Can store files on the server.

Cons Uses a lot of memory and battery life.

Can sometimes take longer to record and upload photos than video.

Can get stuck on background or background recording.

Can often be slow to upload and can be difficult to find when it is not working.

Camera does not record audio.

Does take up a lot more storage space than video, so the camera can be very slow to download.

Does come with a camera that can capture voice, but you cannot use that camera in a car or a home.

Does use a microphone port, so you can’t use it indoors.

Does allow you to record photos from your phone, but if you want to use your phone to take photos of your dog, you must purchase a separate camera.

The video feed can take up to 15 minutes to upload, and the microphone port can take about 30 seconds to connect.

The camera has an integrated microphone port that allows you to use it with other devices.

The audio recording can be a little slow, so it is better to use a headset with headphones.

The microphone port allows you only to listen to your voice.

You can’t record video with the microphone on.

The device has a microphone for voice calls, but it does not have a dedicated microphone for video calls, which means that you cannot record voice while using the camera, even if you are recording video.

You will not be able to listen or hear your dog’s voice through the microphone.

The cameras camera has a battery life of up to 2 hours, but this can vary depending on the battery life you have and how often you use the camera for recording.

The battery life is not great.

The photos captured with the dog camera can take hours to upload.

The videos can take over an hour.

The devices battery life can be reduced by using a charger and connecting to a charger from a different power source.

The dogs battery life will not last very long.

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