The Sony PlayStation Camera is now available for pre-order at Sony stores across the US and Canada.

Sony’s baby monitor, designed for the newborns of moms and dads, is the first of its kind, and the camera can record video, image, and audio, as well as play back your voice and music.

The Sony PS Camera costs $199.99, but it’s not for everyone.

You can’t get a baby monitor with a built-in camera, and you can’t connect a microphone or microphone-ready remote control to it.

Sony is offering a $100 gift card to customers who pre-ordered the camera, as an incentive to get it.

But the company says it’s been designed for baby monitors, and it’s meant to be used with babies.

Here’s how to use the baby monitor: Connect the camera to your phone or tablet.

You’ll need a smartphone with an HDMI port.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use an Android smartphone, a Chromebook, or a Windows laptop.

Connect the PlayStation Camera to your smartphone via USB.

You won’t need to plug the camera directly into the camera’s USB port, but you can plug it in through the camera and connect a USB cable to the camera via the USB port on the camera itself.

If the camera doesn’t have an HDMI jack, you’ll need to use a HDMI cable that plugs directly into your smartphone’s HDMI port, like a Lightning cable.

You’re done.

The PlayStation Camera’s built-up video and audio will be stored on your smartphone.

When you launch the camera app, the camera will start recording and displaying your audio and video files.

Once the recording is complete, the image will be uploaded to your Sony account.

If there are a lot of images, you could download all of them, or upload just a few images.

Once you’re done uploading the images, the app will automatically upload the images to your PS Camera account.

The image will appear in the PS Camera app.

It’s a very small button that you can tap to stop the recording.

Once a recording is finished, you need to select which image to share with your friends.

To share the video, select “Play.”

Once you’ve selected the image, you will be able to use your smartphone camera app to take a screenshot of the image.

You might not be able, however, to take an image that you took from the PlayStation camera, because it can’t record video at 24 frames per second.

This is an issue that Sony says the camera solves with an app called Sony Camera Assist, which is a video-capable app that can capture video at 1080p60 and 720p60 at 60 frames per minute.

It also has a microphone for voice recognition, and a camera that can record audio.

The app is available on the Android Market and the iPhone App Store.

There’s also a web app that you should download.

Sony says it hopes to make the PS camera more useful to users as the company adds features to the device.

For instance, it plans to add a second camera port, which would allow it to record up to six cameras at once.

The PS Camera is also being made available for purchase in Europe.

The price for the camera is $99.99.

That’s slightly cheaper than the $299.99 that’s already available on Amazon.

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