By Nick O’LearyPublished May 21, 2018 08:05:22Facebook is testing what it claims is a “cloud-free” privacy policy, which allows the social network to make changes to users’ settings to protect their privacy without them having to go to their Facebook page or open up an app to do so.

However, some privacy advocates are not convinced.

Facebook’s privacy policy is not yet available for review and privacy experts are worried it will make the platform less secure, as users will not be able to use it to protect against online threats, and privacy breaches could occur in the future.

Facebook’s new policy has been criticised by privacy experts for not specifically outlining what the company would do with the information it collects on its users, and is likely to be challenged in court.

Facebook is also reportedly experimenting with a new feature that allows users to opt out of being tracked, and will allow users to create their own privacy settings.

According to the Washington Post, the company is also experimenting with “an opt-in ‘backdoor’ feature” to allow users access to their personal information without logging in.

The new policy is part of Facebook’s “Beyond Basics” program, which aims to improve its privacy policies by giving the company more options for what users can do with their data.

In an update on its Privacy Policy, Facebook said: “We will continue to improve the privacy experience for our users.

This includes making changes to how we share data with third parties, and how we make privacy decisions.

We will continue working to improve how we do this.”

But privacy experts have been sceptical about the policy and worry it will not provide a clear and easy way to protect your privacy.

The Washington Post noted that users will need to opt-out of being targeted, or they will need a third party to make the changes.

It also noted that some privacy groups are not happy with Facebook’s new privacy policy.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is suing Facebook over the policy, saying it is a violation of the First Amendment and is based on “misleading and deceptive advertising”.

The EFF said: ‘Facebook has yet to provide a compelling reason for its new policy, and if the company can’t provide one, we’ll be reviewing it.

Facebook is clearly not ready for the public to make an informed decision about what it intends to do with its users’ personal information, and the company needs to be transparent about why it is making the changes it is.’

Facebook needs to start acting like a truly transparent company, and stop pretending that its privacy policy can be easily understood.’

This new policy makes no sense, and may actually be a step backward in Facebook’s quest to improve privacy for its users.’

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