Posted October 20, 2018 05:59:38 A new technology known as a red-light camera could soon be available in Australia, and it’s not the only one that could soon have a home in your home.

The new technology, which will be used by all of Australia’s major cities, has already been trialled on a handful of local roads in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and the first trial of it is due to take place in Brisbane.

The Red Light Camera was introduced by Google last year and allows for the camera to detect a driver’s red light and send a warning to the driver’s phone if they exceed the speed limit.

The red light is used by about 85 per cent of drivers in Australia.

The technology was developed by Google and Red Light Cameras Australia to be used in cities where the speed limits are too high, or where people are using their mobile phones at the time of the red light.

“We think that’s the most important technology for us,” Red Light Camper’s CEO Greg Brown said.

“It’s the one that allows us to do the analysis and the detection, and then the message we can send to the user.”

“We’ve actually been testing it on the road with our own vehicles in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.”

Red Light Cameres technology has already started to be deployed in Brisbane, and is expected to start to be rolled out to other major Australian cities, with more cities expected to join the roll out over the coming months.

Mr Brown said he hoped the technology would be available for use by the public in the next few months, and added the technology was a big improvement over other technology.

“There’s a lot of work still to be done,” Mr Brown said, but he said it would be possible to have cameras in your house that could warn drivers if they exceeded their speed limit by 50 kilometres per hour.

“The first trial we’re going to roll out in Perth is for those who have cameras installed,” he said.

“That’s a pretty large community, but it’s also just a pilot area.”

It could easily be expanded to other cities in Australia.

“Mr Brown also said it was possible to use cameras to speed up the time between the signal being sent to the phone and the driver turning on the camera.”

This would be great for people who want to speed, because they’re not on their phones at that time, but also for drivers who want the camera warning and the message to be sent to their phone,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

Red Light Camera has some really great features that you can’t get from other technology.

“Mr Gray, from Red Light cameras, said the technology is already being trialled in Perth and he hoped to have it available in Adelaide by the end of the year.”

I think the technology can be used everywhere in Australia,” he added.”

But we’re definitely not looking to roll it out to all of the states.

“A lot of these cities are going to have some issues with this technology.”

Red light cameras are already being used in Australia to catch drivers speeding by 60km/h or more, but Mr Gray said there was a potential for more aggressive use of the technology.

He said he believed it could be used to slow down drivers.

“What we’ve seen is a lot more speeders that we see using these cameras than other technologies,” he explained.

“If you can slow them down, you might get a much quicker ticket.”

In the same way, you can also get a lot less speeding tickets.

If you’re speeding, then you might see the system working better.

“Red lights are used by a large number of drivers across Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are about 14 million red light cameras across Australia, with an estimated 4.5 million of those cameras in Melbourne.

In some cities, drivers are fined for exceeding the speed cap, and some have even been killed.

Mr Brown says the technology could be very helpful in preventing these types of accidents, but the government is still reviewing whether it should be used.

In a statement to ABC Radio Melbourne, the Federal Government said it had “reached a consensus on red light laws”.”

The Government will be reviewing red light legislation as part of the review process.”

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