Boulder, Colo.

— The Boulder Daily Cameras is making a splash, with a nationwide rollout of cameras to a city of about 20,000 residents.

The camera company says it has been selling its products since 2007 and expects to be selling at least 100,000 devices annually by 2019.

The cameras have already caught many burglaries.

Boulder has installed more than 300 cameras in its downtown business district, where many people are on the job.

But the city plans to expand the rollout in the next year, and it hopes to add 10,000 cameras to its city limits in 2019, according to a company spokesman.

BDC’s software lets users track phones in public areas and even within apartments.

The company’s software was developed with help from Microsoft Corp., a division of Microsoft Corp. MSFT -0.03% and Facebook Inc. FB -0/02. 

BDC sells software for businesses to use to track employees and customers.

The software allows companies to track all employees in a workplace from the moment they walk in.BDC’s new camera, a handheld video camera, was introduced in January. 

The company has sold its devices to cities including Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles and Miami. 

Users can connect their cameras to devices, such as a home security system or a vehicle’s camera, to see if they can capture a video of a burglar entering the home or breaking into the home.

Bdc also offers the software for developers to use on mobile devices.

The company says the new camera was built for small businesses in the city and is not intended for large-scale deployments.

It was designed to help police and firefighters better enforce the city’s existing surveillance cameras and make them easier to use, the company said.

Bend, Ore.

–  Bend police have installed an electronic doorbell and camera system to help with tracking the movements of a suspect or suspects in its community. 

A new video camera installed in the town of Bend, Oregon, was used in a burglary investigation last year.

The video camera captured images of a vehicle entering the property, according, to the Bend Police Department.

The department has posted the images on its Facebook page.

The video camera was used to capture video of the vehicle entering a house in Bend on Dec. 1, according police.

The images were later shared with the public. 

“The camera was installed in response to a call about a burglary in the Bend area,” Bend Police Chief Robert Pate said in a statement.

“This led to a number of individuals coming forward to provide information.

The information was provided to the department through our community response unit, who used it to help solve the case.”

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