Posted April 08, 2018 11:17:59A baby monitor with a wider screen, a higher resolution, more buttons and a price tag of £100,000 has hit the market.

The Baby Monitor is a new product that aims to be a replacement for a lot of the products currently available on the market, and is marketed to families who don’t have an existing baby monitor.

Its main selling point is that its a fully interactive baby monitor, and the company says it can do a whole lot more than just look at your baby’s face.

But its not just about looking at the baby’s facial expressions.

Its a more interactive, interactive baby monitors will allow you to listen to your baby cry or play a game.

Its even designed to be more convenient for parents and children.

The baby monitor features an interactive feature that lets you choose to see baby’s eye movements, and will let you listen to baby’s cries, play games and see the baby in its environment.

It can also display information on your phone about what is happening inside your baby.

“The baby monitors are also interactive.

They can show you information on the baby, including whether it is crying, playing or talking.

You can even adjust the brightness of the baby monitor,” the company said.”

If your baby needs to be fed, we can even give it a bowl and give it food.”

The company said its products will be on sale in the UK from June 10, 2018, and in other markets from September 10.

“These devices are the first in the market that offer parents and baby monitor users the ability to control their baby’s environment,” the firm said.

The company says its products are designed for parents who don,t want to get involved with the baby monitors, and are intended to give the family a more natural way to control the baby.

The new baby monitors come with the company’s Baby Monitoring app, which allows parents to control baby monitoring remotely and also features a new video feeder.

“We wanted to make sure our new baby monitoring products are easy to use and intuitive, and have features to help parents make informed choices when it comes to how to use their new babymonitor,” the Baby Monitor said.

It says parents will be able to use Baby Monitoring to control it from the comfort of their home, without the need to open the windows and look at the outside.

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