Car camera sensors can detect a car, a thief or the scent of a criminal.

They can even detect the motion of a moving object.

However, they’re also used to detect other things, including when people are in a car.

The problem is that most of the time the security cameras they detect are used for a specific purpose.

The police can then use them to catch the person they’re trying to catch.

The idea is to catch someone who might be using a stolen car.

“In this case, the CCTV camera can also be used for the detection of the perpetrator,” says David Mazzarella, head of digital and mobile solutions at security company Carcass.

In other words, if the thief is in a stolen vehicle and you’re using a car camera to see who they are, you can now use the same camera to catch them.

“The key here is to use the security camera to identify the vehicle,” says Mazzares.

“We’re using the CCTV to identify a vehicle.”

If the police are able to track down the person, they’ll be able to use it to capture the perpetrator.

Car camera security A car camcorder can be a valuable asset for law enforcement agencies, especially if the vehicle involved is in bad shape.

“If the vehicle has a cracked window, for example, a stolen bike, a broken window can mean that someone is inside the car and can be seen from the inside,” says Adam Rees, a forensic scientist at security firm Avast.

If the car was stolen and the thief left a trail of evidence, it’s possible the carcorder will reveal the location of the car, or the thief.

“There are other things that can be captured from a car including odour, vibrations, sound, and so on,” says Rees.

“So there are a number of different things that are captured from car cameras and we could potentially be able see where that car was parked and get an idea of where that person was hiding out.”

A carcam can also provide information about a person’s behaviour, such as how often they’re driving.

In the UK, for instance, the Government has introduced a carcam for the public.

“For some years now, we’ve been using CCTV to catch criminals who’ve stolen cars, which is great,” says Paul Tovey, director of communications for car manufacturer BMW.

“But we can also use this to detect the owner of a stolen BMW.”

However, there’s one catch.

“It can’t be used by people with no legal licence to operate a car,” says Toveys.

“They can only be used in areas where the car is stolen.

This includes in areas like parking garages, garages where vehicles have been stolen or damaged, in shops and so forth.”

So if you’re driving and you think someone’s in the back of your car, it could be worth considering getting a carcab.

But if you have a criminal in your car?

“If you can catch the thief with your car and then identify them with a CCTV camera, then you can then identify who they’re behind the wheel of,” says Kevin Kneale, security analyst at security software firm SecurityNet.

“And that is, in the end, your biggest asset.”

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