iPhone 5 camera image quality is now the default setting on most models of iPhone.

Instead of having to toggle between 4K and 2K video and other features like the ability to turn off or turn on a white balance mode, it’s now done automatically.

The camera is also now set to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

There are a few tweaks to the settings that will improve picture quality.

For example, you can now change the aperture of the front-facing camera.

And now the camera has a “bounce to focus” function.

This feature adjusts the camera’s exposure and focus for a tighter, more accurate focus on the subject.

But the best feature is that the camera can now be used for a wider range of images than before.

So you can shoot videos and still photos, but you can also use it to capture 360-degree videos.

In other words, you could take a still photo of the same place, but your iPhone will automatically focus on it instead of the subject of the photo.

If you have a larger camera, you may need to change the camera settings even more.

It’s possible to make the camera set to 16:10 or larger if you want to capture a wider field of view.

You can also change the shutter speed on the camera, but only if you have an iPhone 6.

To adjust the settings on your iPhone, you’ll have to go to Settings > Camera > Recording & capture.

On this screen, you will need to enter the camera name, a number of megapixels and a date.

Once you’ve set it up, you should see a camera icon in the top left corner.

Here, you must tap the icon that says “Camera” to start recording.

Finally, tap the camera icon to capture.

When you do that, you are done.

When you tap the shutter button, your iPhone screen will now display a number.

Tap it to start taking a picture of the thing you just captured.

Now that you have your iPhone ready to take a picture, you need to use your camera to shoot it.

Go to Settings >> Photo & video.

Then tap the “Capture photos” button to take the shot.

Your iPhone camera is now set up to record the shot you just took.

Just like in the past, you now have the ability set the shutter time and the aperture.

After you’ve captured a shot, the iPhone will now show a progress bar on the top right of the screen.

From here, you also have the option to turn on white balance.

Again, you have the shutter to record and the flash to illuminate the subject you are taking the photo with.

These options allow you to capture stills, videos and other images.

However, to be able to change camera settings, you still need to do so in the Settings app.

Simply go to the Camera > Video & video tab.

Scroll down to the “Camera settings” and tap the image you want your iPhone to record.

That will take you to the camera options screen.

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