It’s not often that someone is caught trying to smuggle a huge container of illegal drugs into Canada, but the case of a Border Services Canada officer caught trying the same route for drugs is making headlines around the world.

According to the RCMP, the RCMP’s Border Services Automotive Investigation Unit (BSAFU) was alerted to a Border Security Automotive Enforcement Team (BSAAET) in Laval, Que., on June 25th when a Border Patrol officer was caught attempting to smuggled two tonnes of marijuana into Canada.

The BSAET, according to the BSA, was looking for a suspected drug smuggler who had crossed the border illegally from Mexico.

The suspect had been previously apprehended in Quebec, where he had attempted to cross into Canada illegally in 2013.

However, this time, the BSBAET was not able to locate the suspect.

The Border Services agency was notified by the RCMP and BSA that an individual had been spotted attempting to cross the border with marijuana, which was a criminal offence in Canada.

It’s believed the officer attempted to sneak in with his Border Patrol vehicle as he was heading north on Highway 101 in Lecaval, Quebec, at around 9:30 pm local time on June 26.

The officer was arrested by the BSPCA after a short pursuit and charged with criminal breach of probation.

The accused officer, who was identified by his initials J, is currently being held in L’Heureux prison in Quebec.

The Canadian Border Services Agency says the BAAET is “looking into the incident,” but did not provide further details.

“The BSA is committed to providing a high level of protection to all border personnel and to providing the highest level of service to all our partners,” said a spokesperson for the Canadian Border Service Agency.

“We are actively looking into the details of the case and will continue to provide the public with as much information as we can.”

BSB, Border Services, and BSF are all agencies of Canada.

As of April, they have a total of 5,077 Border Patrol agents and 1,094 RCMP officers.

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