Best Buy Best Buy’s new iWatch comes with an iris camera, a microphone and a camera module that can record 360-degrees, which the company says is the “next step in video recording.”

It is currently unclear how many people will be able access the 360-video recording capabilities of this new smartwatch.

“With this new iwatch, we’re introducing an additional way to create a 360-view video and we’ve made this technology available to the masses in partnership with Google,” said Scott Hall, vice president of products for Best Buy.

“This will allow you to take 360 videos with your phone or tablet, or upload them directly to your cloud and be up and running on your device in a matter of seconds.”

The 360-camera is still not available to consumers, though the company said it will be in store soon.

Google says 360-images and video are “the next step in 360-vision video.”

The new device is powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor and the iPhone 5s, so it could use the new chip for a new 360-resolution video.

It also has an infrared camera that can be used to capture images in the dark and has a microphone for audio calls.

But there are still some limitations to 360-cam footage, such as the camera needing to be plugged in before capturing an image.

The company said the camera module is also not fully functional yet.

“The camera module has a lot of features that require extra setup to be used on the iPhone, including a microphone, accelerometer and proximity sensor,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“For example, the microphone can be turned on for video calls but not audio calls.”

The company also said that the camera will only work in low light conditions.

Development Is Supported By

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